Manzanita Park
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If you are looking for more information, these are sites we have found useful.

  • Wildlands Restoration Team

    Information about work with invasive plants in California State Parks in the Santa Cruz area. This site has a good handbook on different invasive plants and how to deal with them.

  • California Invasive Plant Council

    Information about invasive plants in California and efforts to control them.

  • University of California Cooperative Extension Pampasgrass and Jubatagrass brochure

    This site has an excellent online brochure about Pampas grass and Jubata grass. We would like to have some of these brochures to distribute, but they are out of print.

  • The Elkhorn Slough Foundation

    The Elkhorn Slough Foundation owns and manages 3,000 acres of preserved land in the area near Manzanita Park. They are involved in large scale restoration of their lands, including erosion control and work to eradicate invasive plants.

  • The Nature Conservancy - Invasive Species Initiative

    The Nature Conservancy recognizes invasive plants as one of the greatest threats to native habitats. They have a brochure in English and Spanish explaining about invasive plants and why it is an important environmental issue. Being a national organization, their focus is on invasive plants across the country.

  • Cal Photos

    Cal Photos is a collection of photographs of California plants. It is very useful for identifying plants if you know either the common or Scientific name.