Manzanita Park
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Park Information

Although Manzanita Park is owned by the County of Monterey, there is no money available to staff the park. There are no posted hours, people just park outside the gate and walk in to hike, walk dogs, jog, or ride horses. There are always a few park volunteers living in the park to keep an eye on the place and do some maintenance. There is a gate across the driveway into the park, but it is controlled by the Youth Sports Complex that lease 50 acres of the park for sports activities including soccer, baseball, and BMX events. The gate is open when they have events and closed when their events, games, etc. are over. A closed gate does not mean the park is closed to the public, you can still park outside and walk around the gate.

The majority of Manzanita Park (approximately 450 acres) is land set aside as a Nature Preserve. There are trails through and around this part of the park. The outside trails are dirt roads and the inside trails are more like paths.

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